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Sinol-M Nasal Spray - Sinus and Allergy Relief

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    • Sinol-M Nasal Spray is an all natural nasal spray developed for sinus congestion and symptoms of allergic rhinits

    • Sinol-M Nasal Spray contains all natural ingredients, is safe and not addictive.

    • Sinol-M Nasal Spray with capsaicin travels into the sinuses and is picked up by cilia which carry it into the trigeminal nerve throughout the head.

    • The trigeminal nerve becomes desensitized relieving the Allergic Rhinitis and Congestion

    • Sinol-M does not cause rebound congestion such as experienced with Oxymetazoline containing products

  • Sinol-M Nasal Spray works much faster than oral medication
  • Intranasal medications are often significantly more effective than by digestive means simply due to their absorption rates and the fact that they dont have to pass through the harsh stomach acidic environment.
    • Sinol-M Nasal Spray helps with sinus congestion and hayfever helping to calm the inflamed tissues of the nasal passages.

    • Aloe Vera and Sea Salt in this formula help to quickly calm the inflammation and Eucalyptus Oil and Rosemary ease breathing.

    • Sinol-M is a second generation product that incorporates a mucoadhesive molecule - MucoAd™(hypromellose). increasing bioavaiability, reducing the frequency of application and diminishing the “hot pepper” sting associated with capsaicin.

  • Sinol-M might cause a sting in the nose when first used but this will disappear with regular usage